5 Things Sabrina the Teenage Witch Helped Me Remember

Did you guys know the entire series of Sabrina the Teenage Witch is on Hulu right now? When I was watching another show and a commercial to announce it came on, I just about died. Obviously I texted several of my friends upon finding this out because…it’s SABRINA! I remember watching this when I was a kid. I always knew Harvey was the one. Anyway, I was inspired to write a post about some things that I completely forgot about the 90s and just the show in general. 
Zig Zag Parts: Do you guys remember these? I used to love playing around with crazy parts. Not the worst thing that came out of the 90s but not the best either.
Crop Tops & High-Wasted Pants: How appropriate that when I googled “Sabrina the Teenage Witch fashion” a picture of the episode Britney was in appears? And who better to represent the crop top phenom than Britney and Sabrina? I can’t say that I forgot about these but the show definitely made me remember exactly how popular they were.
Long Luscious Boy Locks and Side Burns: oh Harvey. Did anyone else want a boyfriend just like him? But his hair at the beginning of the show was priceless. You wouldn’t catch guys with hair like this at all today. The 90s were a whole other time for boy hair, that’s for sure.
Choker Necklaces: I have no words.
I want to live in a Victorian house in San Francisco…because how awesome would that be.
Oh, and just because…
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    Just another reason for me to love you! Totally love this show haha. I checked out all the seasons from the library a couple years ago and they were still the 90's/00's amazingness I remembered : )

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