An Overview of Why Natural Fertilizers Are the Best

Winter is a horrible season and not just for us humans trying to stay warm. Companies like True Green, who offer a professional lawn care service, are called out every spring to see lawns that have been completely decimated by the winter. The grass has been killed, the roots are injured, and the soil is left lifeless. Again and again, they are asked as part of their lawn service to fix these problems and, as seen in the many TruGreen reviews, they are very successful at this. According to the company, this is because they use natural fertilizers at all times.

Why Natural Is Best

A good natural fertilizer helps to accelerate growth of new grass. It is applied twice a year, being at the start of spring and the start of fall, and it helps to provide the soil with vital nutrients, protect the plants from disease and insects, and improve the structure of the soil as well. Being a True Green customer means that you can trust them to properly look after your lawn, even during winter.

If you have ever read chemical fertilizer reviews, you will know just how bad they actually are. While there continue to be people who comment that natural products aren’t as effective, they are wrong. Not just that, using chemical fertilizers does a lot more harm than good, because it leaves lawns reliant on chemicals to survive. Furthermore, these chemicals seep into the earth, whether they affect all other natural processes and sources. If you come across a positive chemical fertilizer review, then this review is damaging and you should tell people about that. Reply to reviews and challenge the concept that natural products aren’t strong enough, because that means you are protecting the planet.

There are now numerous completely organic lawn fertilizers in existence, so there really is no excuse anymore for people to use chemical products instead. These natural products are designed to be effective and to make sure that lawns become strong and resilient to all attacks in a natural way. You don’t have to worry about keeping your pets inside, telling your children to stay off the grass, and not being able to eat any plants that have grown within a 100 yard radius of your lawn anymore either, because no chemicals or other harsh ingredients will be used.

It makes sense that natural products work far better than their chemical counterparts, because they are used on elements of nature. Man’s greatest arrogance lies in them believing that they are superior to nature, but Mother Nature always ends up proving them wrong. The development of superbugs, for instance, proves this. So rather than using harsh chemicals to get rid of insects, only to see them returning the following year bigger, stronger, and badder than ever, and completely resilient to your chemicals as well, why not use Mother Nature’s own repellants instead? This is something companies like True Green vehemently believe in as well.

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