5 Hair Care Tips For Backpacking Babes

I am often asked by followers of mine how my hair always looks so great when I am on the road. I must confess, I disagree wholly with many of these statements, kind as they are, but I am definitely someone who likes to keep my hair looking great when I am traveling. This is a task that is not always very easy given that traveling makes your hair natty and dirty, and hair products aren’t conducive to putting in your backpack if you’re trying to keep the weight down.

There are however, some tricks which you can adopt in order to care for your hair whilst you are on the road.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an absolute God send and a product which I take with me just about everywhere that I go. This type of shampoo is in powder form and you simply rub it onto greasy hair, for instance freshness. It should be noted that this shouldn’t take the place of real shampoo, at least not for extended periods of time as it will eventually cause some damage and dryness to your hair. If you are looking for quick freshness however, this is the key.

Sachet Power

Bottles can be cumbersome and take up much bag space so I always try to make sure that I have as many hair care products in sachets as possible before I head away. These sachets will usually have enough in them to stretch to two uses and you can use them when your hair is really starting to crack under the pressure of travel.

Leave in Conditioner

The sea and swimming pools feature chlorine and slat which can really dry out your hair and I have found great way to remedy this issue. Before  going to the beach or hitting the swimming pool, I like to apply a leave-in conditioner which will work hard to ensure that my hair is well hydrated and avoids dryness. Make sure that you wash your hair straight away after you have been in contact with the sea or a pool.


Just because you are traveling does not mean you should avoid going to the hairdresser, the world has hair that needs to be cut as well you know! Now, you may not find your perfect stylist but you can cutely give your hair a bit of pampering by using a local hair stylist to give you the once over,  with a wash, cut and blow dry.

Sun Burn

It is not just your skin that can burn under the intense heat of the sun, so too can your hair and you should take measures to ensure that your hair is protected when the sunshine comes out. A simple scarf or cap can be enough to protect your hair from the heat of the sun and prevent it from drying out and cracking.

What measures do you take to keep your hair safe from the strains of traveling?