5 of the Highest Paying Positions in Healthcare

As you may already know, the healthcare industry offers some of the highest paying positions for professionals. However, not all careers in this field offer the same salary and all offer different working conditions and have different requirements. Here are some of the highest paid positions in healthcare today.

1. Heart Surgeon

This is probably not a surprise, but physicians and surgeons have some of the highest paid medical positions according to health care salaries guide. Additionally, this profession is growing and the income in this field has been increasing steadily. Because of competition for doctors, you can expect to have a generous compensation in your field. Heart surgeons are specialized physicians who can expect to receive even a higher salary for their services.

2. Dentist

The demand for dentists is on the rise and they also earn a high annual salary. These medical specialists deal with teeth and gums and usually work in a dental office or their own practice. They provide services related to oral health and work with a medical staff of dental hygienists. In order to practice as a dentist, you will have to complete specialty training in this area and pass a state board exam. Somewhat similar to a medical doctor, dentists are highly specialized in their field and earn a high salary.

3. Pharmacist

Pharmacists play a valuable role in the medical field and work in a wide range of areas. However, no matter where they are employed, they earn a high annual salary for their services. Pharmacists play a vital role in dispensing prescription medications and also counsel people on the safe use of drugs, side-effects of medications, and other related matters. They may even be involved in drug research and development. Salaries can vary depending on their roles, but these experts often work in hospitals, pharmacies, and labs.

4. Nurses

Although nurses initially may not always have a high starting salary, they have the potential to earn a great deal throughout their career and this is also a field where demand is growing, which creates higher earnings in this profession. Nurses coordinate patient care and activities in hospital settings and work under the supervision of a medical doctor in a wide range of areas. Their expertise developed over time allow them to earn a high income.

5. Occupational Therapists

These medical professionals treat people who are injured, ill, or disabled by helping them to recover physical function and return to good health as much as possible. Often employed by hospitals or rehabs, these professionals are in very high demand at the moment and can expect to earn a high paying position. After being licensed in their field, occupational therapists can earn up to $130,000 per year depending on the market.

Although you may not be interested in the medical field, you should know that there are some excellent careers that offer a healthy salary. These five professions offer a wide range of career options and can be both rewarding and enjoyable to pursue for a career.