5 Signs You’re a Yo-Yo Dieter (and How To Stop)

There are two types of dieter in this world, the people who make an adjustment in their lives for the good of their overall health, and the others, the yo-yo dieters. If you are unsure as to which category you fall into, we have some clear signs here that you are in fact a yo-yo dieter, something which if you are, you really need to stop. Yo-yo dieting does not do you any good at all, and you’ll  never get the body which you want if you are this kind of dieter.  Let’s take a look at the signs.

Constantly on a Diet of Some Sort

There is a difference between kickstarting your healthy lifestyle with a diet, or using a diet to slim down for an event, and constantly being on a diet. If you do find that you are always dieting, this is a sign that you are yo-yoing.

Lost and Regained the Same

Think about how much weight you have lost in the last 2 years, if you weigh the same, or near enough the same right now, as you did back then, you need to review what is going wrong. One of the tell-tale signs of a yo-yo dieter is that they are always losing a few kilos, and then piling them back on before losing them again. This habit means that you are unlikely to ever lose the weight that you want to.

Excitable When Hearing New Ways

If you read magazines and newspapers and get excited when you hear about crazy fad diets such as the cabbage soup diet or the baby fork diet, you may have a yo-yo problem. A diet should be approached with common sense and in a smart way, not a crash diet that can slim you down in a week.

Ups and Downs

Most people who are dieting or trying to live a healthier life, will get straight back on to their diet should they fail or cheat a little. A yo-yo dieter on the other hand, will indulge in their gluttony before feeling sad about it and starting again.

Speed is Key

If you want to lose the weight super fast and haven’t the time to wait around for your health kick to show results, you could have an issue. A healthy lifestyle will help you to lose weight, but not in a hurry and that is how you should approach your weight loss.

If you think that you are a yo-yo dieter, you need to take action and instead of seeking out crash or fad diets, you need to change your habits and your approach to food in general. Losing weight should take time, and it is healthier this way, if you are looking for fast results then you could be doing your body a good amount of damage. Take your diet slow and steady, and don’t expect results too quickly.