5 Things You Don’t Always Need to Go to a Beauty Salon For

No girl really minds going to a salon and getting a few treatments done to look and feel fabulous, but it isn’t always feasible. Sure, you should definitely visit your trusted parlor every once in a while to take care of the major stuff, but when it comes to many of the regular caring and pampering tasks, you can do most of them at home and save a fortune in the process. On that note, here are five things that you can do right at home and don’t really need to go to a salon for.

Hair Treatments

There are so many effective and easy to do hair treatments available that you may actually not have to go to a salon just to get silky smooth locks ever again. Some of the most popular hair treatments that anyone can do at home include a milk and honey hair spa, coconut cream hair spa, the beer hair treatment, and the egg and olive oil hair treatment. To keep it ultra-simple, just massage some coconut oil on your wet hair and scalp, wear a shower cap to trap the moisture in, and then shampoo and condition after half-an-hour to soften your tresses, as well as adding shine to them.

Curling/Straightening Your Hair

This is not really news as most women have a curling and a straightening iron at home, and use them quite regularly. Just in case you don’t have access to a curling iron right now though, you can still get things done, as long as you know how to curl your hair without a curling iron. You would be surprised to know that it is possible to curl your hair with only headbands or via sock buns!


There is no shortage of excellent products available in the market these days for home use. You have the option to choose cream masks, clay masks, oil masks, peel-offs, thermal masks, and so much more. Just make sure the product you are buying comes from a reputable brand and it is meant for what you are trying to achieve with the facial treatment.


This one’s a bit tricky and it may take you time to learn to do your nails properly, but even the learning stage is quite fun. As a beginner, simply put your feet inside a bucket or tub of lukewarm water with Epsom salt and your favorite essential oil. This should make the dead skin removal easier, and once that’s done, trim, shape and buff your nails before pushing back the cuticles. Finish your session by coloring the nails and then relax until they are completely dry.

Waxing Your Upper Lip

The best part about waxing your own upper lip is that you won’t have to pay someone else for physically hurting you. Just get a proper waxing kit and do it yourself to save you the embarrassment of wincing and crying in pain in front of other people. It will still hurt, but nobody else will see those tears!

It is nearly impossible for anyone to get everything right on their very first try, so don’t be discouraged if things don’t go exactly as planned when you try to push back your cuticles for the first time. Nevertheless, none of the five we just discussed is particularly hard either and you should be able to get things in order by your second or third attempt.