6 Reasons Why it’s Always Better in The Bahamas

There are some countries which you visit, that instantly give you that feeling, that everything feels better. My country where I felt that the most, was the Bahamas, a Caribbean paradise where indeed, everything simply looks a bit better. I am not solely talking about the backdrop here, pine trees, white beaches, clear waters, these are great but I am talking about reflecting upon your life back home, doing so in such surroundings really does help you feel better about everything.

Here are just a few reasons why I love the Bahamas so much, and why it is the perfect antidote to anything which you are going through.


With over 700 islands which you can explore, it can be difficult to pick one that I could recommend visiting, I haven’t even visiting 10% of that figure. One place however which I really loved was Andros. We found this small island during a kayaking trip which we went on and we were so happy that we did, here you can find a peaceful island, with lots of natural beauty both above and below the sea.

Beach Life

I couldn’t compile a list such as this without mentioning the thousands of kilometers of beaches which you will find throughout Barbados. Sitting on a beach and looking out to sea is by far and away one of the best ways to ‘get away from it all’ and if you go to the Bahamas, that is exactly what you will get.

Swimming Pigs

What better way to forget about all of your troubles and enjoy a break, than watching some pigs which have learned how to swim. In the island of Nassau, this is exactly what you will find. These adorable little porkers are feral, yet incredibly friendly and you can pet and touch them, or even swim alongside them.

Tropical Cuisine

Many people overlook just how good Caribbean food is and in the Bahamas you can find a real blend of different cuisines. Over the years the Bahamas has been inhabited by the English and the Spanish who brought their own cuisine with them and inspired the already fantastic brand of food which could be found in the Bahamas. The result of all this inspiration is a country with a wide range of delicious, tropical cuisine.


If you like to laze on the beach then Bahamas is the place to do it, equally however, if you are up for a little more adventure, there is plenty of that on offer here as well. Throughout the islands you will find kayak tours, rafting trips, hiking expeditions and all manner of water sports that you can think of.


And finally, I have always found that nature has the power to put everything into perspective and here in the Bahamas is the perfect place. Throughout the islands you can explore the tropical coastline with its postcard-esque images, as well as digging through the lush vegetation and the thick canopy further inland.

Bahamas is truly spectacular and it makes for the perfect place to get away from it all.