7 essential items you cannot forget to put in your suitcase for ‘that’ business trip

Successful business trips are a key part of maintaining a successful career. We all know the importance of first impressions and good etiquette. It’s equally important, however, that you arrive armed with the correct gear. There are few greater horrors than discovering that you have forgotten a certain essential object during a business meeting. To avoid this outcome, its best to come well prepared.

Here are some essential items that you really don’t want to forget before your next business meeting.

1. Appropriate clothes

Obviously, clothing is important wherever you go. But making sure you have the right kind of clothing for your trip is also incredibly important. Make sure you research the dress code that is expected. Is it a formal meeting in a business environment, or a laid-back chat over coffee?

According to Forbes, people form their first impression within 7 seconds of meeting. By packing the right clothing, you can avoid looking foolish and make the best impression.

2. Wallet

Almost everyone, at some point, has found themselves forgetting their wallet. You’re bound to need to spend money on your trip, whether it’s on food, transport or drinks for your colleagues. When doing your packing, your wallet is the first thing you should pack.

3. Business Cards

Business trips are a great opportunity to expand your network and get your name out there. Whenever you have opportunity to network, take it! And you don’t want people to forget your details – that’s where professional business cards are important.

Make sure you include all your contact details so that people can easily get in touch with you. Have your business card ready the next time that you network.

4. Comfortable sleep wear

A good night’s sleep is essential when you’re on a business trip. You don’t want to appear groggy, or sleep deprived during important meetings. Make sure you don’t forget the value of sleep, bring comfortable sleep wear.

5. Charging Equipment

In today’s technological world, your comms equipment (phone, laptop, ipad etc) is essential. But when you pack them, don’t forget the charger! If your device runs out of battery when you’re on the move you’re pretty much cut off from your associates.

Even worse, imagine arriving at an important meeting ready to present, only to find that your laptop is dead. You can’t access your presentation and you’re left with egg on your face. The lesson is simple: don’t forget your charger.

6. A Notepad.

When you’re rushing to make sure you’ve got the essentials, it’s easy to overlook an important ingredient for a business trip, a notepad. Have your pad ready take a note and you’ll be less likely to forget. You’ll also appear more engaged to the speaker.

7. Confirmation of bookings

Whether old fashioned paper documents or electronic media, make sure you have easy access to travel, hotel and other reservations. If your trip brings you to the capital, why not check out check out hotels near Hammersmith Apollo. There are some fantastic facilities in the area and easy tube access to other parts of London.