8 Cool Things To Do in Dubai

I had wanted to visit Dubai for a very long time before finally getting the opportunity to go at the back end of last year. This city was absolutely everything that I had hoped for, opulence, ornate and incredibly ostentatious, I absolutely loved it.

During my time in Dubai, I was fortunate enough to get involved in a great many fun activities and if you have Dubai pencilled into your schedule, I wanted to share with you my top 8 cool things to do in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Top of my list of things to do was to go to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. I must be honest, I was far more swept away with this place than I ever thought and standing on top of the highest man-made structure on the planet is a real rush. At the top there is a viewing deck which offers unrivaled views of Dubai.

Indoor Skiing

In a show that anything is possible in Dubai, you can go skiing on real snow in the Emirates Shopping Mall. Ski Dubai uses a snow generator which actually produces real snow, there is an 80 meter mountain which you can ski down and you can even find some half pipes and jumps for snowboard lovers.

Brunch at Atlantis

Atlantis is the swanky hotel located at the top of The Palm archipelago. Your finances may not stretch to staying in the hotel, but the various brunches that are on offer here are well worth it and offer the perfect way to start the day.

Wild Wadi Water Park

One of the best water parks that I have ever visited, the Wild Wadi Water Park is situated in the heart of Dubai and makes for a fantastic day out. Release your inner child with these heart stopping slides and aquatic adventures.

Desert Sunset

It can be easy to forget that Dubai is located in the desert and you can see one of the best sunsets ever if you take a desert tour in a jeep or buggy, to witness the end of the day.

The Green Planet

Dubai can create just about anything that they like, and this indoor rainforest is testament to that. This is a great place to visit where you can see all of the ecosystems and life within the rainforest, right here in Dubai.

The Dubai Fountain

In a similar way to the Bellagio fountains in LAs Vegas, the Dubai Fountain is a large collection of choreographed fountains which sit on the lake at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa. The fountains are best seen at night to truly appreciate the magic of them.

Jumeirah Beach

Dubai is after all, a coastal resort and what trip would be complete without going to see the beach. The beach at Jumeirah is without question the best place for you to spend your beach hours on its white sands and Persian coast line. There are plenty of beaches throughout Dubai which you could choose, but Jumeirah is the best in my book.