A Guide To Shipping Furniture Bought Online

There is a paradigm shift in the way people buy furniture now, as the convenience and attractive prices of armchair shopping have set off a new trend. In 2015, the U.S. Department of Commerce estimated that online shoppers purchased $28.9 billion of furniture and home furnishings, making up 10% of total e-commerce sales. That’s a gargantuan figure and there must be many advantages of buying furniture online that buyers are attracted to that contribute to that number.

Below are some of the advantages of buying furniture online:

  1. Large choice of collections.
  2. Easy comparisons.
  3. Deals and discounts.
  4. Easy returns.

Whether you are buying furniture online or selling them, below are some tips for shipping furniture across the country or overseas:

  1. Furniture items should preferably be shipped by sea as airfreight for large items can be costly.
  2. Use a professional shipper to ensure goods are properly packed to protect your furniture.
  3. Take pictures and/or video of your furniture before the mover arrives.
  4. Always insure your goods with the movers shipping insurance.
  5. Check the mover has described the items correctly on the inventory and noted any damage.
  6. Do not ship large, low-value furniture items. Shipping fee can cost more than buying new at your destination.
  7. Always check condition on arrival before signing your delivery note.

Shipping furniture from overseas will take some time and it may take one or two months. It is therefore important to gauge when you need the furniture, as it will not be delivered within the next few days. You also need to be at home to receive your furniture, thus, it is recommended that you compile a list of the items you want to buy and get them delivered on the same day and time rather than on different days. That saves cost and time.

To make your online furniture shopping a seamless transaction, getting a reliable shipping company is important as the shipper will be the one making sure that the furniture will be shipped to your home in one piece at a reasonable time frame. You can search for furniture shipping companies at Shiply, an online platform that connects people to reliable movers and shippers.  As it is a very competitive business, the furniture shipping companies offer you really good service with competitive shipping fees.

Using an experienced furniture shipping company means that your items won’t be held up by inconvenient paperwork confusions or issues. As your items make their way across the world, there can be complicated and strict permissions needed. Experienced furniture shipping companies will prepare, label and organise the entire shipping process from A to Z to avoid any unnecessary delays.

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