Airport Layover, Go For The Lounge

Very often with traveling, especially if you are going long haul, you will find that you have quite a long layover in an airport, before heading off on the next leg of your journey. This has happened to me quite a few times and last month my buddy Abhishek Gattani and myself had a 5 hour layover in LAX. Usually I like to find a quite and comfortable spot to wait and do some work before the next flight, but this time my buddy convinced me to part with $40 to wait in an airport lounge, the first time that I have done so. This proved to be a perfect decision and after my time in the lounge, I am not sure that I will ever go back to waiting anywhere else in an airport. If you have a long layover on an upcoming trip, here is why I would recommend that you opt to wait in a private lounge.

Food and Drink

If you feel concerned about the money which it will cost you to enter into a private lounge, just consider how much money you could potentially pay in the airport during your wait, on food and drinks. Inside the lounge you have complimentary soft drinks, tea and coffee, plus a range of alcoholic drinks from beers, wines and spirits. Regarding food there are also plenty of snack potions from sandwiches, crisps and nuts, as well as main meal which you can eat to fuel up. I you have a couple of glasses of wine and some food, you will probably have covered the costs of your lounge price.


Travel can be pretty stressful so it is great to be able to relax for a few hours in a peaceful and comfortable setting which is exactly what you’ll get when you check into an airport lounge. Comfier seats, more space and a quieter environment means that your layover will not be overly stressful and you can put yourself in a position where you feel fully ready to take your next flight. Many lounges also have an option to take a shower which is perfect if you have already traveled quite a long distance.


I like to work when I travel and so getting booked into the lounge was the perfect option for me. Most lounges have dedicated places where you can go and work, with fast wifi and a comfortable desk and chair. Working in airports can be tough given the kind of seating options that they have, and in the past I have bought food or drinks in a bar, just to have somewhere comfortable to sit. This is not the case in an airport lounge and you can take the time out to work in peace and comfort.

Not time you go traveling why not try out an airport lounge, I assure you that you’ll never want to miss out again.