Aluminium Ladders, And Other Potential DIY Hazards

Around 3 years ago I was getting a bit sure of myself in terms of carrying out DIY tasks and on reflection, I had started to cut a few corners. I was actually just cleaning some guttering in my home when I fell from some aluminium ladders and was lucky to get away from the incident with just a twisted ankle and some cuts. The reason why I fell was not wind, or a freakish incident, but rather because I hadn’t taken precautions and got someone to hold them, nor had I put them up the way I should have, completely my own fault.

Since that day I have been incredibly vigilant about hazards for us DIYers and here are just some of the things which you need to be on the lookout for during your next task.

Power Tools

Power tools may look like a whole heap of fun and whilst this may be true, they are only fun if you know how to use them, and if you are using them on the right job. These tools can cause a great deal of damage to you, even death if you are not using them in the right way and so you need to ensure that someone has shown you how to use the tools on a range of different materials before you get started.


The is a very good reason why construction workers wear those thick, protective boots and it is to help them avoid standing on something dangerous which has been left on the floor. I used to use trainers when I was in my garage but after standing on a carpet tack, I quickly changed my nibs and stuck with boots. There are all kind of things that can fall or get left lying around during a DIY project and so you need to ensure you’re using appropriate footwear to minimise your risk of injury.

Bad Jobs

Believe it or not, many people are injured each and every year because they have performed a bad job in terms of a DIY project, and it is broken and caused them harm. It should go without saying that before you take on a DIY task you should know just what you are doing in terms of getting the job done right. If however, you are doing stairs, ceilings, floors, or any other area of the house which is supporting people, you must make sure that you not only complete the job right, but also that you use the correct tools and materials to complete the project to the highest possible standards. You simply cannot run the risk of injury to people just because you have not completed your job in a good way.

Don’t let foolish mistakes and poor planning cause an injury for you during your DIY project, the potential consequences simply aren’t worth it.