British Landmarks To Highlight Your Next UK Holiday

Every country has its landmarks which all tourists flock to and the UK is no different. Throughout the United Kingdom in fact, there are many iconic landmarks, some which you may know, and some which you perhaps don’t but they are all worth a visit.

If you have a trip to the UK coming up and you want to tick off a good chunk of the landmarks on display on the British Isles, here are the top 5 landmarks which you should be targeting.


Probably the United Kingdom’s most famous and iconic landmark is Stone Henge, a collection of prehistoric rocks which have been formed into a circular shape. What makes these rocks so fascinating is that they are placed in a very purposeful design, and clearly were done without modern day tools. Scientists are still baffled as to when or why these rocks were placed on this site in Wiltshire and that makes a visit here all the more magical.

The Angel of the North

A statue that was  met with mixed reactions, the Angel of the North is a huge bronze statue that was designed by award winning artist Anthony Gormley. The Angle stands in Gateshead overlooking the valley ahead and it is quite a sight to behold. The Angel’s wings are the old wings from a jumbo jet which gives you an idea as to how big this statue is.

Big Ben

Big Ben has been telling the time in London for over 150 years and throughout that time it has gained worldwide notoriety. This clock tower stands at 96 meters high near the Palace of Westminster and it is something of a rite of passage for anyone who is visiting London.  Such is the fame of this monument, every New Year’s Eve, millions flock to the feet of the tower to hear the iconic gongs as the clock tower rings in the new year.

Ben Nevis

The highest mountain in the British Isles is Ben Nevis in Scotland, standing at  1,134 meters. The height may not seem like much in comparison to some of the world’s larger mountains but Ben Nevis towers above its brothers and sisters in the Grampian mountain range and on Scotland’s flat and unspoiled lands, this mountain can be seen from miles around. If you do plan on heading north and braving the Scottish weather, you will be treated to some spectacular scenery as well as this impressive mountain.

Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridge in Hull is an incredible attraction and one which you should definitely try to drive over if you are heading to the north of England. This bridge is a suspension bridge which spans a whopping 2,220 meters. When it was first opened in 1981, this bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world, and remained so until 1998. Not much is spoken about the Humber Bridge but if you are heading north, this is a great landmark for you to see.

Which landmarks have you visited in the UK? Let us know in the comments.