Business-themed Coffee Mugs for All Occasions

For companies thinking about what would make an ideal business gift to send out to suppliers, clients and other important contacts, it’s worth considering the modest coffee mug. It’s fairly light, easy to transport safely and is a functional gift that business contacts can make good use of. This makes it quite different from many other business items given away that are easily discarded.

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Here are some situations where a coffee mug makes a thoughtful gift.

Going with a Custom Branding Option

If you’re going for a coffee mug that has your company’s identity emblazoned across it, then using your business logo or a separate design to promote either the business or a brand of the business, is highly effective. The people who receive the corporate gift can use it at work where it’ll have pride of place on their desk. It serves as a daily reminder of your company in a memorable way compared to a giveaway pen with a tiny logo that no one can see clearly.

With coffee mugs for businesses, you’ll usually need to have digital artwork ready for use in the product fabrication stage. Ether an Adobe PDF file or a vector-based file image are suitable formats for logo or artwork. Vector files are particularly good because they’re more of a mathematical formula than a graphical image and therefore they scale up or down in size without losing image quality.

Charitable Support

Some companies prefer to promote a charity when sending out business gifts. There’s a couple of ways to approach this.

The first is to send a coffee mug with their own branding and the second is to create a new charity-related design. The charity-related design can confirm that a donation has been made to a popular charity favored by their industry. For instance, when working in the healthcare sector, a donation to Doctors Without Borders or The Red Cross would be seen positively.

The better coffee mug producers in the States adopt the ceramic scrimshaw method which uses digital artwork and transports it into a two-color clay medallion at the front of the mug. Lesser mug producers deliver a standard mug with laser printed designs on the side that don’t have the same handmade look and subsequently look quite generic.

Promotional Designs

When your company is planning to attend a business event like an industry expo, it’s common to hand out goodies to visitors to the booth. Having an attractively designed coffee mug to hand out will be seen as going the extra mile in promotion. Most visitors to expos don’t place an order right away, so the coffee mug is intended to remind them of the people they met from the company every time they enjoy a cup of Joe.

In this age of limited attention spans, a company’s promotional activities must be impactful. Otherwise, they are quickly forgotten for the next shiny object that comes along. Investing a little in functional business gifts now pays off down the line in increased order volume.