Disney World – Not Just For Children Anymore!


If you have children then chances are you will probably will think about going on a family holiday such as one where you take your children to Disney World. There’s not better way to spend a family holiday than by rubbing elbows with your favourite Disney characters or going on rides galore, eating breakfast with Mickey mouse and more. The great thing about Disney resorts is the fact that there is just as much fun for adults as there is for kids, so you don’t need to worry that you won’t find something enjoyable. So what can you do and enjoy at Disney World as an adult? Here are just a couple of great ideas!

Character Brunches

Children of all ages – including adults! – can enjoy a brunch hosted by their favourite Disney characters. From a princess high tea to breakfast with Mickey, there are numerous restaurant and resort hotels where you can sit down to dine with your top choices in characters. Be a guest at Cinderella’s banquet table, or rub elbows with royalty when you join the princesses in one of several splendid locations. If you’re staying at Disney’s Polynesian resort, you might even get to say ‘Hi’ to Snitch as you dine on a Hawaiian themed meal! There are literally dozens of options for great character dining experiences you won’t soon forget!

Late Night In The Park

Top off every night with a fantastic fireworks display over the Magic Kingdom, something that many visitors rate highly on their lists as being a favourite event. Throughout the night you can experience truly magical other events such as a night time Kilimanjaro Safari – a daytime favourite with a twist after dark. If you’re a fan of the film Avatar, you won’t want to miss the world of Pandora by night when the whole place lights up in a bioluminescent glow, making everything seem to come alive in the darkness. Visit the World Showcase Lagoon at Epcot to take in the amazing IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth firework show – something that you should experience at least once!

High Powered Drives

If speed is your thing check out the Test Track presented by Chevrolet where you can take a turn designing then test driving your own creation. Working with handling, power, fuel efficiency and manoeuvrability you can create your ultimate dream design and then test it out on one of the simulators. The Test Track isn’t just about design and play though, with the simulator you will have to judge hairpin turns, dizzying heights, poor driving conditions and more. It really will make you want to come back again and again to have a try with new and various designs to see how you can make the best car possible.

Shows Galore

If you love a bit of showcase entertainment, Disney World has something for everyone. With a Lion King musical to impress and delight the senses in a riot of colour against the beating drums of an African rhythm, to the Star Wars showcase where you can find yourself on Tatooine and joining the rebellion against the Empire, there are numerous shows you can take in that will leave you wanting more Disney-based extravagant entertainment!

So if you’re an adult and you’re planning a trip to Disney World either alone, with friends, as a couple or even as a family – never fear, there are plenty of things to occupy your time, so don’t think it’s all just waiting in lines for rides alongside kids! Enjoy!