Dive Into Community Spirit With These Tips


Have you ever been filled with a glowing warmth when someone mentions your hometown in a positive way? Or maybe you love to promote your hometown and all it stands for to others to come and check it out. What makes hometown pride an actual thing? How does it develop and how can you start helping your own community thrive through having hometown pride? With more people looking for ways to promote community pride these days such as through #MyCommunityAndMe campaigns, you might be surprised to see just how many ways you can get involved yourself! So what are a couple ways that you can get involved? Here are some great tips.


Sponsorships of all kinds is a great way to promote and show community spirit and support. You can provide sponsorship opportunities through universities, schools, churches and more through events like contests and sponsoring sports days amongst other things that can bring the community together and get people into the spirit of helping others. Many larger companies around your city as well as well known organisations tend to sponsor things like sports days for schools or other events in and around the city. For a small outset fee on your behalf, providing some basic financial backing to help events get off on the right foot can really help the community see that the event is a great way to get involved and helps drive attendance.

Helping Others

Have you considered volunteering in your city as a way to get involved and promote local community pride? Cities all across the UK such as Birmingham have fantastic opportunities for volunteers to get stuck in and give back locally through their church groups, helping run food banks, or even delivering toys at Christmas to underprivileged kids who need a helping hand through the holidays. Birmingham isn’t the only city that has a huge amount of volunteer options though – cities all across the UK have similar ways to get involved and really raise community spirit and pride. Check out how you can get involved in your community today!

Getting Involved

Companies in the community often have ways of helping others – whether you’re a local market, doctor’s surgery, pharmacy or solicitors like Slater and Gordon, providing essential services to your local community is part of creating community pride in each and every one of your local citizens. Check out www.slaterandgordon.co.uk to see how their services can help provide local people with help and support they need in all areas of life from criminal law to property, immigration and more. They don’t just work in one city either, and with offices across the United Kingdom, are well placed to help a number of communities just like yours.

So if you’re looking for ways to get involved in your community and raise some city pride, start with getting involved at your local charities, charity shops, soup kitchens or schools. You might be surprised what can be done and get accomplished when you get a number of people working together for the same goals in the same way. Good luck and have fun!