Essential tips for a healthy skin throughout summer

It can be quite easy to ignore skin health during summer due to all the fun that one is having, such as partaking in exotic delicacies half-way across the world. That being said, during summer, our skin tends to be exposed to quite a number of detrimental factors such as excess heat, and the incessant bugs that crave a drop of blood to satiate their hunting instinct.

Keeping this in mind, here are some ways that one can protect their skin during summer, and ensure it remains healthy throughout.

Wear non-toxic sunscreen, preferably a gentle one.

Some of the worst sunburns out there are normally caused by people who think it is okay to stay hours on end without using sunscreen because the conditions at the said moment were overcast and cloudy. One of the things that people have to realize is that especially during summer, the sun’s rays are quite powerful, and have a remarkable effect on the skin sans the presence of a sunny spell.

In fact, a condition such as Psoriasis Gets Worse In Summer.

Hence, when looking for sun screen, ensure, to find one that has a relatively good SPF, somewhere around 30, especially if one has quite fair skin.

Steer clear from tanning beds around your vicinity

By now, the word has spread that tanning beds have a high affinity to cancer, and are just as dangerous as the sun in the sky when it comes to being a cancer causative. So it would be wise for one to steer clear from these contraptions.

That being said, if one truly wants to do some healthy tanning, they should try other safer alternatives such as self-tanning towels, or the option of specific lotions. However, when purchasing such lotions, ensure to have a thorough look at the ingredients on the label to ensure that the base formulation present is non-toxic, and quite safe.

Do some exfoliating at least once or twice a week

Upon dying, dead cells normally accumulate on the surface of the skin, giving the skin a rough, dull and dry appearance. When one exfoliates, they take a progressive step towards improving the health of their skin; preferably by eliminating the dead cells, thus giving the skin a more radiant shine throughout summer.

Apart from dead-cell elimination, exfoliation also gives one the opportunity to regenerate and rejuvenate their skin at a much faster pace, thereby looking much younger! Whenever the opportunity arises, one can choose to go for a more natural based exfoliator; preferably one that contains AHA and/or BHA.

Moreover, whenever possible, always go for exfoliating products that have natural grains.

Always moisturize the skin

Last but not least, during summer it can be quite tempting to venture out without any moisturizer because sweating might not make one’s skin feel as dry as is the usual case. That being said, always fight the urge to not carry the moisturizer because one could unknowingly be exposing themselves to conditions that can prove detrimental to the skin.