Exceptional Software Strategies: New Technologies That Make Business More Efficient

The speed at which business moves today would hardly have been imagined 30 years ago. Today companies can conduct business up to the minute wherever they are and on multiple continents. The reason for this is the constant stream of new technological advances that position businesses to find new opportunities and capture them. These new tech options are delivered by internet and software technology companies like Exceptional Software Strategies who aggregate and integrate new business tech for all size businesses. For those companies that do not embrace new tech, they find themselves barely competing and falling further behind. So all businesses need to understand and embrace new tech options. Here is some of the best that you can use to make your business more efficient:

Process Automation

Process automation is an indispensable tool for those industries that deal with lots of important data that needs to be filed and distributed. Healthcare is a great example. No business is more crucial to us than healthcare and yet this industry is currently one of the least efficient. Record keeping is still often kept on paper and medical records are not centralized allowing for proper care no matter the patient or doctor. Technology has come to this critical industry and is slowly but surely being implemented. And as it is being put into use money and lives are being saved. One area of implementation is the automation of healthcare information. This includes some records and any applications filled out by patients. This type of record keeping is paramount to the job, and has historically been done using paper documents. For those patients with complex illnesses or very detailed medical histories, paper simply will not suffice.  Today more and more records are being kept digitally with the newest innovation being automated software with some elements of artificial intelligence that can begin to diagnose and prescribe based on a patient’s medical history. Process automation can deliver similar benefits to every industry.

Automated Email Inbox

Your job keeps you running all day and sometimes getting time to go to the restroom much less return e-mails is hardly possible. But you need to be able to respond because business today depends on your being able to get back to customers, vendors and superiors as quickly as possible. But with dozens of emails coming how can you possibly keep up?

The best way to handle this is with one of the new options that can automate your mailbox. The most used option is also the most basic. You can use most email clients like Gmail and Yahoo to sort and deliver your mail based on level of important. And to place any emails that are urgent in a folder that will give you an alert. You simply create a set of rules for emails coming in and the program does the rest. Most people get mail that will need a similar response and you can also automate this as well. You can even use several new apps to sort your mail based on time of arrival, location sent from, and many other types of factors. In the end, all of your emails will be answered on time and you will also gain extra time.

These two technologies represent only a small sample of the tech tools available for increasing efficiency. When efficiency is increased sales increase and the bottom line for any company becomes bugger. Adopt these technologies at your companies and others that are equally as powerful and watch your business proper.