Getting some Holiday inspiration from Narnia


Let’s face it, when we were younger few of us planned to be working in an office from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. But life has panned out like that and here you are. Do you know what you also realised, it’s not that bad. You have fun with your co-workers, you may sometimes enjoy the work that you do, and your bank balance looks a lot better than it did when you were planning to be an astronaut.

But also like every job, you have those weeks where things get frustrating, your behind on your project, the computer system isn’t working, and the printer is out of paper. Noting seems to be working right. Then once you get home the children are upset, and your partner is asking you when you are going to finally plan that trip you have been talking about. You are left to organise this along with your job. More stress.

Then the next day comes and you get ready and head into the office again. Put your things away and sit on the swivel chair your boss purchased from As you sit down, you lean back a little too far and your chair jolts sending your heart into your mouth and the fear you might just fall over. That’s when you take your personal trip to your office Narnia and where you are going to take your family on their next trip. To a theme park.

That little jolt that sent fear racing to your head has also sent you back to your childhood and the thrill of riding a huge roller-coaster or slide and the fun you felt while doing that. Sure, your boss might be excited about the next deadline, but you want some real thrills and spills and what better way to come back to work more excited and motivated than ever.

Imagine you are running around a giant theme park going on all the rides with your family, eating candy and enjoying the sun on your back while watching all the other visitors have fun as well. Jolting on your chair might be nice but going through 360-degree loops would be even more fun and filled with laughter with your family. You can get the theme park pictures to hang on your wall and use them to reminisce with your family when you grow a little older. The best thing is you also don’t have to plan very much, just the transport and accommodation while the entertainment is already built in for you. You just must tell your family where and when and then enjoy the time there.

Meanwhile back in the office your colleagues might be wondering why you have a little smirk on your face. That’s simply because you’ve already made up your mind and now you just must wait for the day to finish so that you can rush home and tell your family when the next trip is going to be. So sometimes even Narnia can become a reality.