Glo Meditation App: For Meditation Anytime and Anywhere

In today’s work focused culture, it’s rare we have even the tiniest moment to ourselves. Between having a hectic work schedule, social obligations, family, and the day to day grind of it all, it’s a wonder we even have the time to take care of our own basic needs, let alone have time to focus on self care and personal growth. Glo’s meditation app can provide a simple and flexible way to focus on your inner self even when the going gets tough and time is a luxury you just don’t have.

Glo’s Goals

Glo provides a series of programs focused entirely on bringing out the best version of yourself. It is focused on building not only the self through confidence, curiosity, and self discovery, but also building a sense of community through service and compassion, while affirming values and bringing out your truest self. As per their manifesto:

“At Glo we create tools and experiences that challenge you

To invest in yourself,

To become strong in body,

Engaged in heart and mind.”

Achieving a Better Self

Glo’s meditation app provides a variety of ways to help achieve the goals outlined in their manifesto through the form of video classes. These courses are geared to several experience levels as well, so whether you’re a Yoga fanatic or looking into trying Pilates, this app has something for everyone. The classes themselves range from 1 to 6 weeks in length, the number of sessions per week varying from course to course. Each course has an experience level as well to help gauge if it is more beginner friendly or meant for those with a firm grasp on the basics. If Yoga and Pilates aren’t for you, or you don’t have the time to practice position based exercises due to your hectic schedule, there are also a variety of courses on meditation and self reflection as well.

Working Around the Hustle and Bustle

Glo understands how crazy the day to day can be at times, and has geared their meditation app with that in mind. The course sessions themselves are relatively short, spanning about 45 minutes to an hour, and with the exception of many of the one week courses, the classes tend to be around 1 to 3 sessions per week. Some courses are set up with a specific time in mind, such as the Meditation Before School class geared towards family meditation. Other courses you can simply fit in any time during the day. The other way that Glo gears itself to working around our busy life schedules is in its accessibility. The Glo courses can be downloaded to any device, be it your computer, phone, or tablet, letting you turn any environment into your personal meditation center. Wherever you feel you can be most relaxed, be it out on your morning jogs, or the empty conference room you use for your lunch break at the office, or even on your morning subway commute, the meditation app will help you seek out your true potential anytime and anywhere.

Try It For Yourself

If you’re feeling skeptical, or simply want to try the app for a little before you commit, there is a 15 day free trial. Glo even asks a few questions to gear your experience to your personal needs. These questions include your experience level, as well as what interests you have in regards to what Glo has to offer, such as classes for women, classes for men, if you’re looking more for a workout, meditation, or even if you’re suffering for lower back pain. After the free trial, the Glo program is $18/month, and gives you unlimited access to all of their courses.