Glo Online Pilates for Everyone to Enjoy

Pilates Online? What is Pilates?

Whether you’ve just heard of Pilates or are an expert in this unique form of exercise, we have the right online class for you. Pilates remains a low-impact form of exercise that allows you to strengthen your muscles while improving your posture. You’ll also gain remarkable flexibility doing Pilates. You don’t need any unique equipment to do the smooth, slow movements of Pilates. But you will build your entire body when you perform these controlled, precise moves. Your muscles move against gravity. Each move works to tone and strengthen a specific set of muscles and breath to work your body.

Pilates online classes last about 45minutes. Choose your instructor; let him or her know what level you’re on before you start. An excellent instructor will show you some modifications to moves to get you started while you build muscle. They can also give you tips on your moves, and help you get the most out of your Pilates experience.

Work Those Muscles

You’ll feel a definite burning in your muscles during class. Plus, you’ll probably feel sore the next day. While you may not look like you’re doing strenuous weight lifting or other heavy forms of exercise, you’ll definitely feel your muscles working and gain benefits from Pilates.

What Body Parts does Pilates Online Work?

You’ll focus on working your trunk and core. Your hips, back, and thighs will also get a thorough workout, too. So, basically, your whole body gets a good workout.

Beginner Classes

Beginning Pilates online classes use many of the same exercises in every class. These movements include:

  • The Hundred. The Hundred uses breathing to build stability and core strength.
  • The roll-up. This move uses a slow and precise roll that stretches your spine and strengthens your abdomen.
  • Leg circles that strengthen hips and stabilize your core.
  • Rolls. In this exercise you’ll roll like a ball and massage your back and spine.
  • A series of five moves that helps to make your back and abs strong.

What to Wear to Pilates

Wear form fitting clothes and socks, so your instructor can check the form of your movements. Avoid wearing shorts, because your legs will remain above you for lots of moves.

You can either go barefooted or wear socks to your Glo Pilates workout. Wear whatever your instructor suggests. Socks with rubber on the bottoms might work well for your practice.

Pilates in Your Fitness Program

Your body might need a bit of a break between Pilate’s sessions. Please rotate your Pilate’s workout with aerobic exercises and rest.

Why do You Need Glo Pilates Classes?

  1. You exercise in your own home. You don’t have to exercise along with a roomful of people. You find a class and instructor that suits your needs, and get your Pilates in away from the prying eyes of a class.
  2. You choose your teacher. Every class offers a variety of highly-qualified teachers to assist you in your program.
  3. Exercise where ever you can connect online. Your online Pilates class happens wherever you have an internet connection.
  4. You get an excellent, convenient core workout.
  5. If you feel uncomfortable about your body or just need personal time to blow off some steam, Glo online Pilates gives you what you need to get in shape in privacy.
  6. You’ll gain strength, balance, and flexibility that benefit the rest of your athletic endeavors.