Great Family Holiday Ideas For 2019

While 2018 is coming to a close, many people might already be setting their sights on 2019 and all the fun and excitement it will bring. Often times people will think about summer holidays well in advance, and for good reason. Summertime is filled with hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of people coming and going, visiting far flung places with their friends and families, not to mention children being out of school. It’s a good thing to think about summer vacation in advance to make sure you’re in on the ground floor and can book it quickly to save some cash! If you aren’t sure where to check out yet, have a read through our list of top summer holiday ideas for 2019.

Jet Setting

We all know that taking off to an impressive, beautiful destination is all we dream about, but where to? Depending on what you and your family want out of a holiday will determine where you fly off to. There are amazing deals to be had for those who want to explore the cities of Europe from Paris to Prague and beyond, but there are just as many great deals for those who are feeling more adventurous and want to explore something with more spice. Check out the likes of Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt in 2019 – all hot destinations that tourists love at the moment. For something a bit closer to home, stick with a city break such as Lisbon or Edinburgh.

Road Trips

Road trips are the things dreams are made of and for good reason. With so many amazing options and nothing but you and the open road on this type of holiday, it’s no wonder road trips remain a great family getaway option for many. For the best road trips, head over the pond to the likes of Canada or America to enjoy their long stretches of roads with plenty to see and do. For a truly family friendly destination be sure to consider Florida. With theme parks galore from Disneyworld to Universal Studios as well as things such as Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, it’s no wonder families love Florida. Our pick? Spend the day at Discovery Cove – an all inclusive day resort that lets you experience marine live up close and personal as you swim with dolphins and snorkel on real reefs.


Camping is always a favourite holiday for many. With nothing but you, your favourite people and the wild, open woods, it’s easy to see why this has been a family favourite for many years. With different levels of camping from roughing it in a one or two man tent all the way up to glamping in a yurt, camping is a great way to bring families together to share stories around the fire while roasting marshmallows and hotdogs. Pick your favourite local camping spot, or consider trying one abroad in the likes of Canada’s Rocky Mountains for something a bit wilder and new.

So whether you’ve not started thinking about next summer holidays yet or you’re almost ready to book something up, hopefully some of these great tips and ideas will get the ball rolling so you can be assured of the best summer ever.