Hottest Party Themes for 2018

As the New Year kicks off, there are many special occasions to look forward to and parties to plan. Choosing a theme for the parties that are upcoming is an important part of the process, because the theme will help dictate every aspect of the party planning.

No matter the type of party, or which of the great party venues in Birmingham it will be held at, there are some great, trendy themes that can help to set the mood for a fabulous evening. Here are some of the top party themes to consider for 2018.

Social Media

There’s no question that any party held in the coming year will be featured heavily on social media. A party that embraces the theme is sure to be talked about and shared for months to come. In order to embrace a social media theme, the party host can create unique props that make for unusual photos, come up with their own hashtag, so that guests can see each other’s photos and even invest in a one-of-a-kind backdrop to make the party photos more spectacular. To ensure that everyone can participate, the host should try to include multiple social media channels, in case some of the guests are less active and only have a profile on one social media network. For example, if the party only concentrates on Facebook, guests who do not have it may feel left out.

Game of Thrones

With the new season of Game of Thrones highly anticipated, but not coming out until 2019, what will happen in Westeros is sure to be a hot topic of conversation all year long. A fire-and-ice theme gives the party host a lot of options for decorating and fun foods. Plus, guests can create elaborate and fanciful costumes based on their favourites from the show. It’s a party theme that automatically introduces an element of fantasy.

Royal Wedding

With the wedding of Prince Harry approaching, and no other potential Royal weddings in the cards until little George and Charlotte get older, 2018 may be the last chance for a while for Brits to celebrate a royal marriage. Guests can break out their wedding best, put on their sharpest hat, and come over for brunch or tea, or the host can recreate the splendour Harry and Megan are likely to have at their ceremony.

Star Wars

With more new Star Wars movies out over the last few years than the past two decades, love for Star Wars is at an all-time high. It’s a great time to celebrate the secret nerd inside everyone with a Star Wars party. There are plenty of the movies available on DVD to screen as a party activity, or the host can create a trivia game to stump even the most serious Star Wars junkie.

Planning a party that guests will remember for many years to come can be easy when the host chooses a funny, trendy, and attractive venue.