How to Deal with Swollen Feet during Pregnancy

Swollen feet is a very common phenomenon in pregnant mothers, it is mostly experienced by mothers who are usually on their feet for a long period of time. Below are ways in which you can deal with swollen legs during pregnancy.

1. Wear comfortable shoes

It is important to wear comfortable shoes during pregnancy. Flat shoes come with so many advantages not only for pregnant mothers but for everyone who would wish to wear them.  Some of the advantages of wearing flat shoes are; it makes walking easier, there are very low chances of slipping and falling, they help you to maintain body balance, they help to avoid straining leg muscles and last but not least they improve blood circulation.

2. Get  plenty of water

Water is said to be life, nothing can survive without water be it plants animals or human being. It is important to remain hydrated during pregnancy since dehydration causes nausea, cramps, edema which is the swelling of legs, dizziness, constipation etc. Drinking a lot of water will keep the urine dilute and hence reducing the chances of urinary tract infection. The growing baby needs a pool of amniotic fluid and studies show that drinking a lot of water helps in maintaining the right levels of amniotic fluid

3. Eat food rich in potassium

Potassium is a mineral found in fresh fruits and vegetables. It helps to maintain the balance of fluid and electrolytes in body cells. It also helps in sending nerve impulses which help in muscle contraction.

4. Decrease caffeine intake

Caffeine increases the frequency of urination hence causing a reduction in your body fluid levels which can lead to dehydration and hence fluid retention which cause edema. Caffeine is a stimulus and it increases blood pressure and heart rate which is not recommended during pregnancy.

5. Lie on your left hand

When sleeping shifting your weight to the side can help in alleviating symptoms of swelling. Inferior vena cava helps in blood flow throughout the body. Sleeping on the side helps to take off the pressure off the vein. This posture improves blood flow hence preventing swelling.

6. Exercise

Exercise helps will help you to remain physically fit throughout your pregnancy period. Exercising your legs is important since it reduces swelling. When pregnant you should set aside a few minutes of walking and it will help a great deal in maintaining good health and at the same time reduce chances of having swollen feet.

7. Do Foot massage

Foot massage is very important during pregnancy since it helps to relax the swollen feet. It is recommended that Foot Therapy for pregnant women be done by professional since not all types of massages or foot therapy are recommended for pregnant mothers.

Elevation of legs helps in increasing blood flow and hence reducing swelling of legs. It also helps in reducing pain during pregnancy that is caused by straining leg muscles that support a lot of weight. Visiting the doctor should be the last resort when the methods discussed above fails.