Including your pets in the holidays

Everyone loves the holidays! Kids, parents, grandparents, single people, the young, the old, and even pets. Cats enjoy attacking the brightly colored ornaments on Christmas trees. Dogs love the smell of turkey roasting in the oven. Many house pets are enchanted by the sight of their first snowfall. Its impossible not to feel joy at your pet’s behavior during the holidays. Including your pets in your holiday plans makes everything more fun for all of you. Here’s how to do it.

One thing you can do for your pets is get them gifts. They might not understand the concept of holidays, but they’ll love whatever you decide to get them. And you’ll feel good giving them a gift too. Your dog or cat’s present does not need to be expensive. A toy or a snack are sure to make their day. You can even give your pet a Christmas tree ornament to play with, or have them sit in a discarded box. One man’s trash is a cat or dog’s treasure, after all.

You can also include your furry friends in holiday traditions. Take them sledding, or even skiing. Feed your dog or cat some food from the holiday dinner. Make sure that it’s safe for them to eat though! Some human foods are bad for pets, and you don’t want to make them sick. You can even start new holiday traditions with your pets. Maybe take them out for a special holiday walk or visit their favorite park over the holidays. Go caroling and take your cat or dog. Your dog may want to sing, or rather howl, along, but that just makes it all the more fun!

Take holiday card photos with your fave furry friends this year. If your pets struggle to sit still, bribe them with treats, or distract them with toys. You can put the bribes in a pocket so they don’t show up in the pictures. If your pets simply refuse to sit still, hold them in your lap. Make a show of petting them in the photos. Your whole family will look super cute smiling and loving on the furred family member. If you need holiday cards, check out Basic Invite. They will have the perfect christmas cards with photographs to show off your whole family, pets included.

I hope you and your pets have the best holiday season this year! Take photos with your pets, include them in traditions, and grab them a gift or two. Your pets will appreciate being included. Happy holidays!