It Is Never Too Late for a Beautiful Smile

Having a beautiful smile has become a global trend, and Australia isn’t left out. It’s not only kids and millennials that are doing various corrections, but adults as well. And if you, as an adult, aren’t happy with your smile, know that there are ways to change that. Braces are not just for children, but for adults as well. It is a misconception that they can only fix teeth that are in a growing process. Braces work for both 18 and 80-year-olds.

Why considering braces despite your age is a good idea

First of all, both your teeth and your gums will be much healthier. It is simple – straight teeth are much easier to clean. And those plaques your toothbrush cannot reach can later lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Furthermore, gum disease can cause both tooth and bone loss, as well as other health issues.

Besides your teeth and gums, your jaw will be healthier as well. An uneven bite will easily lead to bone loss and jaw joint issues such as TMJ – a temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and headache and jaw pain.

Also, do you have a problem with snoring? Or perhaps sleep apnea? Because braces can reduce that too. “Buck teeth” or, in a little bit more sophisticated words, extensive overbite can lead to a blocked airway during sleep. And while a partially blocked airway leads to snoring, a totally blocked airway leads to sleep apnea – that causes other health issues.

Finally, beside all these health factors, both your self-esteem and confidence will be boosted. Let’s face it, you may think that you are perfectly fine with your crooked teeth, but then again, when is the last time you smiled for a photo, for example? A confident smile is proven to boost both your social and career opportunities.


The overall act of smiling is what makes us happier, and when you know your teeth are beautiful, you will logically smile more often.

Primary choices

There are four options to choose from: Invisalign, ceramic braces, metal braces and accelerated orthodontics.


These braces are actually clear plastic trays that almost cannot be seen while being worn. They are computer-generated at the bare start of your treatment and you will wear each one for around two weeks. Besides their invisible appearance, they are favored by adults because they can be removed daily for up to two hours to do your eating and cleaning. Aussies who live in New South Wales are in luck because they can get quality Invisalign in Bondi Junction – an eastern Sydney suburb just 6 kilometers east from the central business district.

Ceramic braces

They function like traditional metal ones, but their brackets are ceramic and not metal. However, not everyone can be a candidate for ceramic braces.

Metal braces

But not those of your childhood that look like they are made for a horse rather than a human being – no. Now, they are 100 times lighter and thinner, and also come in many colors, which is great for expressing your mood. Jokes aside, this is a quality solution that will definitely straighten your teeth no matter how crooked they are – those wires, rubber bands and metal brackets can do wonders.

Accelerated orthodontics

It is no secret that braces must be worn for two to three years in order to completely straighten your teeth – and some adults just aren’t ready for that kind of commitment. This is when accelerated orthodontics come to the stage. They work with your braces in order to speed up teeth movement. Typically, a person would wear a pulsating appliance along with braces for a short period of time each day, and those vibrations help the teeth move through bones faster.


Now that your teeth are straight, they also need to shine like the Sydney Opera House does at night. There is so much more to a bright smile than just brushing them when you get up in the morning. Brush them both in the morning and in the evening before bed. Also, brush them after drinking coffee, wine, or eating any acidic food.

Next, incorporate xylitol gums to your chewing gum habits, because xylitol is a sugar that tricks bacteria into thinking they can consume it, while in reality, they are not able to break it down.

Finally, if your teeth are seriously stained or yellow, you can always opt for teeth whitening, with either teeth whitening strips or professionally.

And if you are a lady, pay good attention to the kinds of lipsticks you are using. No matter what color you prefer, always go with blue-based formulas. Why? Because blue hues cancel yellow tones. In other words, you can create an illusion of whiter teeth with the help of the right lipstick color.

Take good care of your teeth. A beautiful smile is always in style.