James P DeVellis on North American Foxes

The fox is a beautiful animal that lives wherever we live as humans. For James P DeVellis, they are a source of fascination. They are found in every location, from rural to urban, surviving on birds, rats, mice, snakes, rabbits, and road kill, but also on human conveniences, vegetables, fruits, and anything else.

James P DeVellis on the Issue of the Fox

The fox also has a bad name. Turn on the news, and there will be allegations of fox misconduct, stealing local babies and more. People now voluntarily place traps, often the wrong way, leading to foxes getting injured. It is for this reason that DeVellis believes we all should increase our understanding of this animal, learning to respect it and live alongside it the best way possible. Hence, he wishes to raise awareness of the different foxes that people may come across in this part of the world.

The Artic Fox

The artic fox has a white coat during the winter, and a brown one in the summer. This allows it to be perfectly camouflaged in its natural environment. It has furry feet to protect them from the cold. They have very big litters, possibly because they also have a high mortality rate. Usually, artic foxes have at least seven pups, although this can be as much as 15.

The swift is another fox, known to be highly vocal. It has only around 40% of its natural habitat remaining, however. That said, it is no longer classed as endangered in this country, although it is endangered in Canada still. In fact, it was listed as extinct there, until it was reintroduced. Today, it has protected status in this country. Not unlike the prairie dog, the swift digs holes to live in and spends a lot of time underground. They are incredibly fast, running as much as 60km/ph.

Then, there is the grey fox, which loves wooded areas, chaparral, open desert, and canyons, living on the rocky ridges’ slopes and boulders. They are unique because they can climb trees. This shows that this particular fox is much more closely related to the cat family. Additionally, their tail has a black tip, whereas the red fox has a white tip.

The red fox is the most common of all. If you have ever seen a fox, it is likely to have been one of these. They are widespread across the globe, although the grey fox is more prolific in certain parts of the world.

The silver fox, meanwhile, is found mainly in the northwest of this country. Their pelts are highly valued, which led to the fox almost becoming extinct. Thankfully, they are protected now and their population is once again on the increase.

Last but not least, there is the kit fox, which is classed as endangered in some states. They like semi-desert scrubland to live in. This fox is very small and lives mainly underground in small groups, having multiple entrances to their dens. They come out to hunt at night.