Just Passed Your Test? Here Are Some Smart Car Options For You

Getting your first car after passing your test is an exciting time and you will no doubt be itching to get behind the wheel. Before you buy your very first car however, there are some important things that you need to understand. Chief among these, are the fact that whilst you may have passed your test, you don’t really learn how to drive until you get behind the wheel on your own, which is why a powerful car should be avoided. There is a huge range of choice for you in terms of a car that is suitable for someone that has just passed their test, and here are the makes and models which we would recommend.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Ford have been making the Fiesta for over 30 years now, and each new model consistently fits the bill for what a small car should be. A Ford Fiesta is a great small car choice for anyone, but especially for first time drivers. The Fiesta is relatively low powered but can still be relied on when you need a touch of speed, it is economical, features high level technology and most importantly, it has more safety features than any other small car on the market.

Skoda Citigo Hatchback

Skoda have not been renowned for their small cars, but the award-winning Citigo looks set to change all that. Car insurance can be expensive for first time drivers, so the fact that the Skoda falls into category 1 will put a smile on newbies faces. Furthermore the Citigo is a fun car to drive, with a tight turning circle making parking very easy indeed. This is a safe car, an economical car and one which looks very stylish indeed, a great chicle for first timers.

Hyundai i10 Hatchback

Hyundai can often be hit and miss in terms of the success of their estate cars, but this hatchback shows just how good a car the South Korean company can design, when all of the stars align. The i10 is highly affordable with its price tag of £9,000 new, offering a 5 year warranty to boot. In terms of driving, the Hyundai has a number of features to enjoy, the 5 door-only model choice means your friends won’t need to be cooped up in the back, and the 1 liter engine ensures that you have sufficient power, whilst providing a whopping 66 MPG, making it economical as well. This is a car which is everything that a great hatchback should be, and it is ideal for first time buyers.

The Mini

If money is not a concern for you, the Mini Cooper makes for a great option for first time buyers. Beyond the stylish design and the iconic look of driving a Mini, this is one of the safest cars on the market. This is a car which is also very simple to drive and with its huge dials and simplistic interior features, it provides the perfect place for a young driver to learn about the road, and how best to drive on it. With new Mini Coopers selling for between £16,000-£20,000 however, you will need to part with quite a chunk of change for both the car and your insurance.

Small cars make for the perfect option for first timers, and these are certainly some of the best out there, which one would you choose?