Key Things to Know About Rhinoplasty According to Dr. Dean Toriumi


Dr. Dean Toriumi believes that everybody should have a nose that they like and that matches their face. This is of key importance, because too many people see a nose they like but don’t think about how it would actually look on them. Indeed, a good plastic surgeon will refuse to work on a nose that will look “plastic”.

Dr. Dean Toriumi on a Good Nose

A god nose is one that looks aesthetically better on the face of the person who has it done. The goal is to make people look completely natural, and not like someone who has had something done. For instance, women who have inherited their father’s nose could have some parts shaved off so that it looks more feminine. Men, meanwhile, can have lumps and bumps taken off, while retaining their masculinity at the same time.

The Nose Job Procedure

A nose job sounds incredibly painful. We all know how much it hurts if you bump your nose, and how many tears that sends to your eyes. In reality, however, rhinoplasty is a surprisingly comfortable procedure to have completed. The nose will swell, particularly on the inside, but this usually only results in a little stuffiness. Thanks to modern advances in medicine, the swelling and bruising that used to be associated with a nose job have almost vanished. Indeed, most people can recover with simple over the counter painkillers.

Dr. Toriumi also wants to tell people to not watch YouTube videos on rhinoplasty. These videos are often designed to shock people and don’t paint a realistic picture. Furthermore, those that do paint a realistic picture will still show surgery in action, and that is never something pleasant to watch. Watching a caesarean section or resetting of a bone also doesn’t look like a walk in the park, but it is still a necessary procedure and one that can be completed safely. By watching videos, you are likely to just make yourself afraid.

In the past, nose jobs would always use “packing”, but this is rarely done now. Packing mean that each nostril was filled with a huge amount of gauze. However, over the past two decades, it has been found that this was completely unnecessary. This has tremendously benefited patients, because removing the packing was usually the most painful element of the whole procedure. Today, small pieces of packing are used and, in most cases, they are removed before you are discharged from the procedure itself.

The final thing that Dr. Toriumi wants to discuss, is the notion that so many people have multiple nose jobs. In reality, this only happens in about 10% of cases, and that statistics has been unchanged for many years. One of the most common reasons for a second nose job is that the scar tissue protrudes and therefore does not create the result that someone was hoping for. Thanks to new technologies, however, these issues can often be rectified with some permanent injectable fillers, rather than a second rhinoplasty procedure.