Lowell Farms Cafe Is Unlike Any Other Weed Hotspot

Lowell Cafe is the first cannabis restaurant in America

As marijuana has been legalized in more and more places in America, there has been a growing demand for a place where people can hang out and consume marijuana products. Many people have floated ideas for marijuana restaurants and cafes, but none of these have come to fruition. Until now. The Lowell Farms Cafe is the first cannabis restaurant in America. It’s totally legal to come here and enjoy our delicious edibles (and out other products) with your friends and family. The buzz about Lowell Farms Cafe ensures that it’ll be one of the hottest spots in LA for a long time, especially for marijuana aficionados.

Celebrity chef Andrea Drummer creates delicious edibles

Whenever you consume edibles, you want to make sure they were created by someone who really knows what they’re doing. This way, you will get a predictable dose and a delicious taste. Lowell Farms Cafe offers that and much more. Famous chef Andrea Drummer is the one creating delicious edible concoctions for your eating pleasure. Not only will these edible concoctions to give you a nice mellow high, but they also taste delicious. With someone like Andrea whipping up edibles, rest assured that you’ll get a predictable dose so you can choose an edible that is just right for you. Their menu goes far beyond pot brownies to gourmet food and drink that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lowell Farms grows high-quality natural marijuana

There has been a movement in recent years for more transparency regarding the sources of food and even individual ingredients in food. We support that wholeheartedly. All of Lowell’s marijuana comes from Lowell Farms, one of the most respected names in the industry. Lowell Farms grows only high-quality natural marijuana. You can rest assured that you’re getting the good stuff when you come into Lowell Farms Cafe for marijuana products.

Lowell Farms marijuana is organic (no pesticides!)

Many people, especially in the LA area, want to make sure as much of their food as possible is organic. This is another movement that we support wholeheartedly. This is why all of Lowell’s marijuana is organic. This means they do not use any harsh chemical pesticides on our plants. These pesticides could get into our marijuana products if they were used, which is why Lowell would never use them. They have too much respect for their customers to do something like that.

Lowell Farms offers a wide variety of weed products

In addition to the dispensary offerings at the Lowell Farms Cafe, we also offer a wide variety of weed products that can be purchased online and consumed at the cafe. Of course, Lowell Farms offer a wide variety of flower strains, including multiple indica, hybrid and sativa varieties. A Lowell Farms, they’re especially known for their pre-rolls. They also offer arguably the highest quality cold-pressed cannabis oil on the market today. Cold-pressed oil is special because it does not contain any solvents or contaminates like many concentrates. It’s just pure, natural goodness. No matter which one of our top-shelf products you want to try, you can have it at Lowell Farms Cafe.