Marc Hagins Helps People Choose an Interior Designer

Marc Hagins understands how difficult it can be for people to choose an interior decorator. There are so many different ones to choose from, and they all have different names. You can find interior refiners, visual coordinators, one day decorators, interior stylists, interior arrangers, interior redesigners, and so on. Hagins believes there are a few things that you should look for if you want a truly good designer to work for you.

Marc Hagins on the Certified Interior Designer

One way to make sure you truly have someone good working for you, is to choose a certified interior designer. These people are trained and licensed to deliver nonstructural design work in local buildings. They are educated and experienced, and they have gone through various examinations. Many even have a graduate degree. The downside, however, is that they are also very expensive.

The Cost of Interior Designers

Different designers use different methods of payments. They include:

  1. The flat design fee, whereby you pay a certain predetermined amount of the services of the designer. This fee is based on the scope of the services, the time they will need, and the overall design plan.
  2. The hourly rate, where you pay per hour worked.
  3. The cost plus method, whereby a percentage is charged on the cost of all merchandise that is purchased, and all tradesmen services that are delivered.
  4. The mixed method, whereby you pay a design fee and/or an hourly rate, as well as a percentage.
  5. The per square foot fee, which is usually only offered in new constructions.

What to Ask a Designer

If you have shortlisted a number of designers, you need to ask them a few particular questions to determine which one is most suited:

  1. Ask to see their portfolio so you get an idea of their previous work.
  2. Ask what type of experience they have with working on projects of your type and size, and what budgets they usually work with.
  3. Ask how they will handle the budget, how they charge you, and when you have to pay.
  4. Ask which types of services can be included in the overall project.
  5. Ask for references.

Questions They Will Ask You

A good designer will also interview you, in order to determine whether they can work for you or not. Hence, some of the things they are likely to ask you include:

  • Who will use the completed space.
  • What the space will be used for.
  • How often you intend to use the space.
  • How quickly the project has to be finished.
  • What your budget is.
  • Whether it is a relocation or a remodeling.
  • What your personal style is.
  • Which colors, materials, and effects you like.
  • What your lifestyle is.
  • How large the space is.

One final word of warning: interior design is a lot of work, and it is stressful work. Any designer who will tell you they can complete it without any hassle in a week is lying to you. Move on to the next one.