A Newbie Traveller’s Guide to South Africa

Africa has been one of my most challenging yet rewarding continents in the world. One of my favorite nations within the continent is South Africa and there is so much to discover, explore and to do in this amazing country that I am always surprised that more people don’t visit. By far and away the most developed of African nations, South Africa is great for vacation seekers and travelers alike.

If you have not been to South Africa before, the best thing to do during your first time there, is to tick off the main attractions in the country. And so, if you are new to South Africa, here are the places which you need to tick off your list, before you go exploring.

Kruger National Park

Arguably the best safari location in the world and a reserve which thousands of tourists flock to each year to see the ‘big 5‘ game animals. The Kruger national park also offers some of the best priced safaris that you are likely to find throughout Africa and that means that even if you are traveling on a budget, you can still enjoy this incredible National Park.

Table Mountain

Just outside Cape Town you will find one of the most iconic landmarks in South Africa, Table Mountain. This is a popular tourist attraction for many people who are looking to see one of the natural landscapes in South Africa. In order to get to the top of the mountain you can join in with the tough hike, or you could take the cable car which offers some incredible views over Cape Town.


The largest city in South Africa is Johannesburg and if you are looking at getting your stripes as a South African newbie, this is the city which you need to have on your list. Jo’Berg is probably the most metropolitan and modern of all of the cities in South Africa and the attractions on offer here are plentiful. You could visit the Apartheid museum and invoker the truth behind this difficult time in South African history, walk across the Nelson Mandela bridge or visit the cultural and eye-opening Soweto district of the city. Jo’Berg is in close proximity to Pretoria which is near some of the biggest game reserves in the country.

Garden Route

This 200 mile stretch of coastline on the south west of the country is the perfect spot for nature lovers who have completed their safari. This region has the second mildest climate in the world behind Hawaii and throughout the region you can hike, walk and explore in the weather, to discover a completely different side to South Africa. As you walk along the ocean ridge, you will see rivers enter the ocean, small, hidden away bays, lush vegetation, jagged cliff faces and plenty of wildlife along the way. Plan to spend at least 3 or 4 days exploring the Garden Route.

So there you have it, if you are new to South Africa, these are the places that you need to go to in order to then begin to explore even more of this vast and interesting country.