Renovating with luxury vinyl flooring

This year has posed many challenges, some of which have been happening right inside your home.

Spending more time at home has results in focussing on our properties interiors ad exteriors and how we can make them more accommodating for spending extensive hours within them.

They say it’s best to work from the ground up when it comes to home renovation, which is why we’re going to address one of the biggest challenge you will facing…selecting the perfect luxury vinyl flooring.

Living Room

This is one area of the home that requires special attention. With heavy foot traffic, accidents are more than likely as the living room is the heart of your social and family gatherings throughout the year.

The best option is to ensure that you prevent, rather than repairing later, little issues like dirt, scratches and liquid spills, before they leave a lasting mark on your flooring. Scratch guard technology is all part of the charm with luxury vinyl flooring.

This layer is completely invisible to the naked eye and won’t impair the pattern or style you choose to implement.

Kitchen Space

As the heart of your home, you want to look after your kitchen space and care for it just as much as if it were a real organ.

Tile or plank vinyl flooring is the perfect option for a room which sees regular chaos and mess. From cooking spills, pet hair and dirt from the soles of shoes, your kitchen deserves to have a prevention tactic in place.

Alternative flooring materials are futile against common household mess, but vinyl flooring actively prevents long lasting damage. With the click or glue down installation method, in addition to the moisture resistant layer on top, your flooring has a fighting chance of deflecting attacks from sauce, water and other liquids.

The Bathroom

When you want a bathroom design which will make you feel like you’re getting a five-star spa experience every time, vinyl flooring comes to the rescue with marble look alike and porcelain pleasures which are sure to make you feel relaxed and pampered.

What’s even more stress relieving is that the moisture resistant layer comes in once again to prevent tiles of planks from lifting as a result of high levels of steam. Not shower can be too hot for the durability of luxury vinyl tiles.

Get the best, forget the rest

It’s easy to see how luxury vinyl flooring has become a household favourite in recent years. With added benefits, enormous amounts of styles to choose from and a reason to better your home in every way, vinyl flooring is the best.

Luvanto is renowned for superior performance in any area of the home, with Parquet tiles being a UK favourite. Luvanto Endure Pro wastes no time in making even the smallest of properties feel like a palace, with layering patterns and border galore, you’re never short of inspiration.

If you tick one thing off your to-do list this year, make it luxury vinyl flooring.