Styling for Your Figure: How to Flatter Your Curves

Having a curvy figure is something that people who have slim builds may desire, so if you are self-conscious about your figure, know that people always believe the grass is greener on the other side. Having curves is just as beautiful as having a smaller slim build – both can be dressed to flatter the body and look amazing, it is simply a case of finding what you feel most confident in. If you want to find out some small but handy tips that will flatter your body type, look no further.

Experiment with Different Patterns

Experimenting with different patterns until you find the right one is a good first step to flattering your curves and your body type. Not all style tips for curvy bodies are liked by everyone and the most important thing to consider when choosing your clothes is what makes you feel good – whether or not this is in accordance with the advice you are given. Try out a variety of styles before you stop experimenting – some people prefer the more plain, straightforward styles such as stripes or chequered patterns, whereas others prefer to flaunt their curves through bright colours. You could even go for both and style each during different times of year, so you aren’t missing out. Check out this beautiful plus size clothing London store for some inspiration on patterns to wear.

Find a Cool Belt for Your Jeans

Belts are a small accessory with a big effect on an outfit – so investing in a nice belt could be the best thing you do this year. Belts act as a ‘barrier’ between your top and your jeans, particularly if you tuck your top into your bottoms, as this shows a clear difference between the elements of your clothing. As a result, you can look more structured and put together and this also gives the illusion of your waist being synched in, which can look very flattering on curvaceous figures.

Go for Stretchy Materials

Stretchy materials are definitely your best friend if you have a curvy figure and want to flatter them. Not only will they be much more comfortable than tight materials, but they will also show off your curves rather than suppressing them. Sometimes, if you wear clothing that is too tight, this can be quite unflattering and may distort your body shape, so it is best to show off your natural figure when dressing yourself. It can look especially good if you wear one piece of tight clothing paired with a looser piece – for instance, a pencil skirt with a slightly looser top, to get the best of both worlds.

Once you find the clothing that you feel comfortable in and that you feel flatters your figure, your confidence will skyrocket. Remember to embrace your curves – we all have to live with the bodies we are born with so we may as well try to learn to love them rather than tearing them down and wishing for something else.