Three Signs of Aging and What to do About Them

It’s an unfortunate truth that as you grow older, that experience starts to show in your face. However much care you take, however much you avoid stress, debilitating weather, and poor diet, eventually the signs of aging will start to take hold.

One strategy, of course, is to bear these signs with pride and dignity – having the confidence to ‘age gracefully’ is a wonderful thing, but one of the keys to having that confidence is the knowledge that you have some degree of control. Being able to wear some signs of aging proudly is easier if you know that others are susceptible to treatment.

Let’s take a look at three of the biggest signs of aging, how they affect you and what you can do to address them.


Full lips are a marker of youth and are sadly one of the casualties of the aging process. As the years pass you will find that your lips grow a little thinner month by month until that youthful plumpness is lost. Some people have naturally thin lips from early on in life, but if you’ve enjoyed full lips and can see you are starting to lose them, it can be an upsetting sign of the aging process.


Another inevitable souvenir you pick up from a life well lived are wrinkles in your skin. There are lots of different causes for wrinkles: exposure to sunshine and the cold can dry the skin out, making it more prone to wrinkling. Smoking and some medications can also contribute to this loss of elasticity, so that habitual wrinkles simply from smiling, frowning and other facial expressions don’t ‘spring back’ as easily and eventually become permanent facial features.

Loss of Elasticity

Overall, as you grow older you’ll find your skin isn’t as firm and elastic as it once was. This can manifest in different ways: skin becoming dryer, which can give you a slightly gaunt appearance, or appearing a little loose and saggy rather than youthfully firm.


The good news is that these three symptoms all have a common cause, and it’s one you can address at an aestheticians or skincare clinic!

The common cause is the decline in production of collagen – youthfully high, it decreases as you get older. This substance is responsible for the plumpness and elasticity of your skin. It keeps it firm and full, and helps it ‘bounce back’ from wrinkling, and is also responsible for the appearance of your lips. It’s the missing link that connects almost all signs of aging.

To restore some of your lost youthfulness, you need to stimulate the production of collagen. There are facials that promise to do this, but one of the most direct methods is a laser treatment. The right intensity of laser light targeted beneath the skin can stimulate the dormant cells that produce collagen and restore the youthful look of your skin after a short recovery!  It’s well worth looking into.