Top Attractions to Visit Whilst on Vacation in London

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When it comes to vacations in 2019, there are so many possibilities both in regard to airlines and locations. As a result of such choice, it is becoming increasingly tricky for prospective holiday makers to decide on where they should visit. Whilst there are many wonderful spots that would make incredible getaways for couples, families or individuals, England’s capital represents one of the most fascinating options, largely because of its vast array of activities and attractions. Although city life may perhaps not meet the criteria of those looking for a beach-style break, London has its fair share of incredible opportunities for any and every visitor to enjoy. It’s a popular location for a reason and with so much to do, why not see what the fuss is about on your next vacation?

Buckingham Palace

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The United Kingdom’s rich monarchical origins mean that there is a real range of wonderfully historic landmarks to visit whilst in the city of London, with none being more impressive than Buckingham Palace. The Palace itself is the residence of the Queen, who has ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history, along with some members of the royal family currently residing there. Buckingham Palace opened in 1703 and has been the official headquarters of British sovereigns since 1837. The royal residents represent not only a historic piece of British culture and the city of London, but also a fascinating and educational insight into the background of the United Kingdom. The Palace is open to the public at various periods throughout the year and, during such times, it is possible to explore many of the lavish rooms within the Palace before going on to view some of the incredible treasures on display. Furthermore, with the cost of a family ticket, which includes two adults and three children, coming in at approximately £61.50, Buckingham Palace is undoubtedly a must-visit location whilst on a vacation to London due to its fascinating background and insight into England’s history.

The Shard

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Alongside Buckingham Palace, The Shard is another of London’s most popular tourist destinations. The 95-storey skyscraper is one of the most impressive pieces of architecture that the city has to offer. Renzo Piano began the designs for The Shard in 2000, but construction did not begin until 2009 before eventually opening in February of 2013. Upon its completion, the 95-storey building became the home to numerous hotel rooms, offices and restaurants. Much like Buckingham Palace, The Shard offers a family ticket for those who need it, and with the price being approximately £74 for two adults and two children, the skyscraper’s full view of London from such a vast height is an experience that is unforgettable for those of all ages.

The Hippodrome Casino London

For some, sightseeing may not be the most enjoyable way to spend your vacation, and if that is the case, then there is still plenty of offer in the way of entertainment. The Hippodrome Casino London, which is located in Leicester Square, offers visitors a wide variety of different activities which are set to ensure a thoroughly enjoyable experience, including the popular Magic Mike stage show. The Casino itself includes gaming opportunities such as poker and slots, whilst food and drink are also available. Ultimately, what makes the Hippodrome Casino such a popular location is the fact that it is widely regarded as the biggest and busiest that the UK has to offer.

The Hippodrome Casino” by James E. Petts via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Poker is one of the more popular games that the casino offers its visitors and, as a result of its popularity, there are many rules to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all. Furthermore, the casino operates through a buy-in requirement for any of their table-based poker games where players must make a full buy-in. For many, however, these requirements are not likely to be an alien demand as many online casino platforms operate on a similar deposit basis. Sites such as Oddschecker display online deposit bonuses as well as sign-up deals, which users are able enjoy in full once the minimum wager requirements have been met. Certain reload bonuses even give extra playable funds simply for depositing money in your account. For those that aren’t table-game experts, it could be worth taking a look before you head out for a night at the Hippodrome.

Soccer Stadiums

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Soccer is continuously growing in popularity around the globe, but the game has always been at the forefront of British sport since its very early days. Around the city of London, soccer fans can visit some of the top stadiums that the game has to offer. With Craven Cottage, Stamford Bridge, The Emirates, The London Stadium, Wembley and many more being in close proximity to the city center, the rich culture of British soccer represents an incredible attraction for sports fans. Wembley, the home of the England national team, is one of the largest stadiums in the world as it has the capacity to seat approximately 90,000 people. Since its completion in 2007, the stadium has hosted some of the most iconic soccer events in the world, including the Champions League Finals in both 2011 and 2013. Much like the other attractions on offer in the city, visitors can enjoy a tour which takes you right into the heart of the stadium. From seeing the dressing rooms, press conference room, the tunnel and more, visitors are in for one of the most in-depth stadium tours that soccer has to offer. Tours are open to the public from the 11th of July and with an adult ticket costing £19 and a family ticket being £54, visiting Wembley is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

London Has Plenty to Offer

As mentioned, whilst the city itself may not be an ideal location for those seeking a sunny beach retreat, it is a perfect destination for people who wish to immerse themselves in the rich culture and history that Britain has to offer. From the incredible architecture of Buckingham Palace, to the breathtaking views from The Shard, it is unlikely that anybody would leave disappointed following a vacation to London. Along with some of the very best sightseeing that the country has to offer, London provides its visitors with a great balance between history and entertainment. The Hippodrome Casino, along with the various soccer stadiums, illustrates that there is something for everybody. Moreover, with the city having a vast array of accommodation to choose from, visitors are able to enjoy the bustle of London whilst also being in close proximity to some of the very best attractions.