TV Shows That You Should Be Watching


The internet has brought many amazing things to our lives, whether it is connecting via social media, the ease of finding information or online shopping.  All things that have made our day to day business a lot easier, but do you want to know what I like most about the internet?  It is easily binge watching TV shows. I mean is there a better way to spend your lazy day off from work? Numerous online streaming services make it effortless to get caught up on must see TV shows.  I have been speaking with my good friend and fellow binger Matthew Knouff about the greatest TV shows ever made.  Below I have included some of my own personal favourites and if you haven’t seen any give them a watch, you will not be disappointed!

Breaking Bad

I am pretty sure if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad already you have heard about it. The AMC show received many plaudits from the time it ran from 2008 to 2013 and has gained cult status as being possibly one of the greatest TV shows of all time.  To give you the low down on the show it is about struggling chemistry teacher Walter White who has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  After missing out on a lot of financial opportunities within his life and with the news of his evidential fate White decides he wants to make his families future financially secure.  How? Obviously by using his chemistry genius to produce and sell the purest crystal meth the world has ever seen.  Along with his counterpart and former student Jessie Pinkman this show takes you on a journey of amazing character development and really is as great as everybody says it is.  10/10

Game of Thrones

Another TV show that I guarantee that you have already heard of, the rise in popularity of game of thrones is worldwide and has millions glued to their TV sets.  With Game of Thrones HBO have added yet again another outstanding television series to their already stacked credentials and it may even be the best yet but that is all dependent on who you ask.  Game of Thrones is adapted from the novels of George R. R. Martin and is fantasy drama that first hit screens back in 2011.  I wasn’t sure on the show prior to me watching it as the fantasy genre isn’t really my type of thing, if you feel the same there is no need to worry.  Game of Thrones narrative and script is more than good enough to change your mind on the fantasy genre, whether it the show’s twists or the passion you feel towards its characters. 10/10

The Sopranos

A show that I have revisited so many times, The Sopranos is another HBO great that delivers on so many levels.  Set in New Jersey, you follow the life of mob boss Tony Soprano.  Rather than focusing on just the brutal side of the mob like most mob themed shows or films have done in the past, The Sopranos also focuses on the effect that it has on Tony’s mental state.  Don’t get me wrong you will still get the brutality you expect from this genre but you grow a real connection with the lead and the members of his family. 9/10

Do Yourself a Favour

Look no further if you are looking for a TV show to binge on, if you haven’t seen any of these shows already do yourself a favour and watch them.  I guarantee you will not regret it.