Types Of Households That Are Common Today


These days it seems that more and more people are moving in with family or friends, either as a necessity for health care or to save money for things like buying their own home or to go to college. Generally many people live together to save money due to the high costs of living in cities, especially with rents in most places at all time highs and the costs of groceries constantly going up. We haven’t even touched on the costs of utilities either. Here are the top combinations of people who live together today for various reasons and how it helps everyone in the long term.

Grown Children With Parents

It seems more and more common these days for grown adults to move back home with their parents, either to help save money for college, university or for down payments for their own homes. With many economies looking dire these days, it’s more and more common to see this combination of family getting together once more under one roof to help one another with things like mortgage payments, rents, bills, and food costs. The bonus to this is that everyone saves a bit of money and you can rekindle those relationships with your parents or children, spending more time together and eating family meals like the good old days.

Parents/Grandparents With Children/Grandchildren

Inevitably as parents age, they may find the need to have more contact with their children or a caregiver of some kind who can ensure they receive the care they need. Moving in with their children can sometimes be a great idea, helping elderly relatives have someone around to keep an eye out for them while saving money on care homes or caregivers who come to the home. Occasionally in home renovations may be needed to help ageing relatives live more comfortably in their children’s homes, such as having stairlifts fitted. Even if you have a curved staircase, you can get a curved stairlift instead, allowing elderly relatives the ability to live fully in your home without restriction.

Multiple Friends

Of course one of the most common combinations of households today includes multiple friends living in the same roof. Primarily common in college or university settings, this is a great money saver and can be hugely fun as well. After all, who doesn’t like to live with their friends and spend time eating pizza, gossiping or playing video games? It’s like one long sleepover, with the added benefit of everyone saving money and having company too!

Multi Or Extended Family

When it comes to moving in with people, many families can sometimes live under the same roof as well! Of course this usually needs a fairly large house, but it’s not impossible. Sometimes Aunts and Uncles will offer up rooms in their home to nieces or nephews as well for college or university terms, or just in general. This is a great way to help everyone save money as well as provide college kids a place to stay that’s still a home away from home.

So if you’ve been wondering how you can save money or help family members in their old age, consider combining households. Combining households doesn’t just help to save money for everyone but can combat loneliness in the elderly and help college kids afford their education. Overall it can be a win-win situation, so is it something you’d consider doing? We’d love to hear your thoughts on living with your parents or children again!