Why Now Is a Great Time To Start a Health Kick

I regularly get involved in forums online, especially when it comes to things about weight loss. Last week I was reading my clinic, Sono Bello reviews, and got locked in a debate with someone about when is the best time of year to start a health kick or diet. In my view, autumn and winter, just before the holiday season, is the very best time to get started with your new healthy regime and whilst I know that it is not a popular opinion, allow me to describe why I think that this is the best time.

Empty Gym

Most people like to start their healthy eating plans either just before the summer, or just after the holiday season and this means that the gym gets very full. Personally I don’t enjoy waiting for machines, feeling judged as I workout or being surrounded by people who seem to know what they are doing more than me. In this case, working out right now is the best time as you can count on an empty gym.

Holiday Cheats

It is pretty much a given that you are going to gain some weight over the holiday season, there is just too much temptation. With this being said, it is important to remember that just because you are going to blow out for a week, that does not mean that you should give up healthy eating for a few months, just because you know that you’ll put some on. Instead, get started with your health kick now, and earn yourself a cheat week at Christmas.


Everyone rightfully worries about their beach bodies as summer approaches because of the photos that arguing to be taken. Well, Christmas is probably the most photographed time of the year and wouldn’t you rather look healthy and slim for those photographs!

Energy Levels

As the weather gets colder and the nights get darker, it can be easy to find yourself utterly sapped of energy during the day. In order to counteract this, get started with your healthy eating plan and you will find that you have a great deal more energy throughout the day, regardless of how dark or cold it is.

Comfort Food

In these cold months, we all crave food which makes us feel warm and cosy and thankfully, many of those meals are also very healthy and packed with nutrients and vitamins. The fall and winter season offers a great deal of tasty seasonal veg and you can use this fresh produce to boost your healthy eating plan.

New Year

Instead of starting the new year with plans on getting in shape, wouldn’t you much prefer to begin the new year in good shape and looking to continue your healthy lifestyle. You can start the new year in great shape, and with a smug look on your face as others seek to change their lives for the better.