Why You Should Smoke Naturally Made Cigars

The term “natural cigar” encompasses a wide range of blends and wrappers, although it is often used to describe cigars crafted with lighter wrappers such as Connecticut Shade.

So are naturally made cigars better for you? 

Well, keep reading to find out.

What is a natural cigar?

Natural cigars encompass a wide variety of blends and wrappers. You might notice that the majority of the cigars in a cigar shop are labeled as natural or Maduro.  

These labels typically refer to the cigar wrapper and the use of natural tobacco.  

Both natural and Maduro wrappers have very different tastes and styles, offering a variety of flavors for cigar enthusiasts.  

The difference between a natural and Maduro cigar wrapper can sometimes be hard to spot. Be sure to ask which is which. If it’s hard to spot the difference, the flavor is the most significant distinguishing factor. 

What’s the difference between a Maduro and Natural Wrapper?

Depending on the brand and type of cigar, the Maduro wrapper can range from a dark brown to a black finish (Double Maduro or Oscuro.) 

The flavors of Maduro cigars can also vary. Generally, they are more complex than natural wrappers, just as dark beers are typically more complex than lighter ones.  

This difference is due to the fermentation process of the Maduro, which gives it its darker color and its more robust taste. 

Maduro wrappers have a range of flavors, such as chocolate, pepper, and spice.

The Wrapper

A natural wrapper is a lighter brown, whereas a Maduro wrapper is a darker brown. Maduro can be classified in many different ways depending on the color of the brown, which can range from dark brown to black. 

Due to the increased sunlight exposure during the growing process and additional fermentation, Maduro tobacco leaves have a different color.

The cigar wrapper can affect the overall flavor and aesthetics of the cigar since there are many different types. 

Cuban cigars use the Capa or wrapper primarily for aesthetic purposes, giving them a beautiful finish. 

Are naturally made cigars better for your health?

Smoking tobacco or nicotine is going to be detrimental to your health. Doctors will advise against any form of smoking, be it cigars or cigarettes. 

What to look for in a cigar


Wrappers have a vital role to play in terms of color. It depends on both the curing method and how much sun exposure the leaf gets. 

It is the color that immediately distinguishes natural cigar wrappers from Maduro cigar wrappers.  


It is one of, if not the most important, characteristics of a cigar to have a particular flavor. From seed to packaging, every cigar is carefully crafted to maintain its signature blend. 

The flavor from a cigar wrapper can sometimes be gauged by its color, but the overall taste is determined by the tobacco used in the binder and filler. Various factors affect the flavor and blending, such as seed variety, growing soil and climate, maturity, and processing. 


People enjoy Maduro-wrapped cigars during the cooler months, slowly smoked in and warmed by the deep, sweet flavor and its natural pairing with cognac and whiskey. 

However, natural wrapped cigars are commonly smoked during the spring and summer months because of the mild flavor that pairs well with hot, humid weather.